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We want to make it as simple as possible for you to manage the costs of services. The information here will help you better understand the billing process, navigate the payment system and prepare you in advance for your visit. By discussing expenses in advance with your doctor, your insurer and the healthcare center, you will be better able to manage and minimize your medical bills.

Medical costs are often unanticipated and not all costs are covered by insurance. Please know that we have payment plans and, in certain circumstances, financial assistance programs that can make your payments more manageable.

Information Regarding Charges

Please take a moment to review the information on this website so that you know what is needed before your medical visit and we can work together to make the payment process easier for you!

Payment Responsibilities

Before Admission

Before your admission, we will ask you to provide your insurance information. We will also require payment for the part of your service or therapist bills not covered by your insurance plan. This may include co-payments, deductibles and /or co-insurance amounts. Keep in mind that while OHRA may be in network for your insurance plan for most services, each OHRA facility/affiliate may not be considered participating or “in network” for all services, like laboratory or radiology services. You may need to go to your insurance’s “preferred provider” for these services or pay out of pocket.


Depending on your insurance benefits, the amount collected at your visit may be based on estimated charges. Remember that you will be responsible for any balance due after your insurance has paid.

Charges associated with inpatient admissions as well as outpatient services are estimates based on previous services provided by a OHRA Medicine healthRA care provider. The actual cost of care varies from one patient to another because all of our medical care is individualized to best meet your needs. Your admission or procedure may take more or less time than expected. And, your care could require more time for additional observation or other unplanned services.

We bill for the actual cost of medical care, which could include other fees and costs in addition to those stated in the original estimated amount.  Center rates in the state of Maryland are regulated and can fluctuate, making the actual cost of care higher or lower than originally estimated.  Estimates are based on current pricing at the time the estimate is provided. Your final bill will reflect the actual cost of care.

When to Pay

For the financial health of the hospital, it is our policy to collect all amounts owed before services are rendered. For non-emergency visits or admissions, your treatment may be denied or delayed if your financial obligation is not met before the service date. As noted elsewhere, we have payment plans to assist you in managing your health care expenses. Talk to us before you arrive so that your admission is easy and hassle-free.

Learn more about patient rights and responsibilities.

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