Treatment for substance use can occur in several different forms—outpatient, inpatient, medication management, co-occurring and more. Determining what level or type of treatment is best for you depends on various factors, including how much of a substance you are using and for how long, if you’ve been in treatment before, or whether you have a history of mental health issues. There are several different ways that treatment professionals determine what type of treatment is needed.

Screening - A screening is typically the patient’s first contact with a treatment program, and it is shorter than a full intake or assessment. Essentially, a screening determines if a person is struggling to the point where treatment is necessary. It provides treatment professionals with an idea of diagnosis and level of treatment needed but is not a definitive diagnosis. 

Assessment - An assessment is a more comprehensive evaluation. A complete assessment usually takes anywhere from 60-90 minutes and will be completed by a licensed professional. During the assessment, the treatment professional determines the level of care a patient needs and how intense the services need to be.

The purpose of an assessment is to get a full picture of what’s going on with the patient, and it will give treatment professionals a holistic view of your overall health and wellbeing.

What is typically included in an assessment?

  • Substance use and treatment history

  • Work history

  • Family structure

  • Legal issues

  • Childhood history

  • Mental health history

  • Trauma/abuse history

  • Physical health history

  • Strengths/competencies

  • Social Involvement/interests


Intake - The intake process begins once a treatment professional determines that treatment is necessary. This is typically when logistics are reviewed, and paperwork is completed. A screening and a full assessment may also be part of the intake process.

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Holistic Behavioral Healthcare
An addiction to drugs or alcohol is almost always accompanied by an underlying emotional or mental issue. At Inspira, we believe in treating the whole person. Our specialists are expertly equipped to treat patients across the entire behavioral health spectrum, wherever they are in their journey to recovery. Whether you suffer from an underlying condition such as depression, or you struggle with grief and loss, Inspira’s team of addiction specialists takes an integrated, holistic approach to care. Let Inspira be your sole source for all your mental health and substance use needs.

Safe Medical Detox
By offering all levels of service within one system, Inspira is able to provide patients with a full range of treatment services including treatment for those with significant medical issues looking to stop their substance use thanks to our 4.0 hospital-level detox. Patients with acute withdrawal problems are at higher risk for possible complications, often requiring round-the-clock care. Our medical detox offers this supportive environment.

Diverse Treatment Options to Suit Your Needs
Once successfully detoxed from substances, Inspira offers a range of treatment options allowing you to find the right personalized treatment for you, including outpatient partial care, intensive outpatient therapy and outpatient support through our Wellness & Recovery programs. We strive to personalize a treatment plan that’s perfect for you. Our services focus on restoring your health and wellbeing from the inside out, while our various treatment programs offer increased flexibility. At Inspira, we understand that different patients have different needs, which is why we’ve designed a number of programs in various settings to better serve you.

Non-Addictive Medication Programs
In an effort to reduce addiction across the board, Inspira has ceased the prescription of benzodiazepine drugs, a common medication used to reduce alcohol withdrawal symptoms that is also addictive in its own right. We understand how important it is to fight addiction in all forms, which is why we’re committed to avoiding drugs or treatments that could pose additional risk to your health and wellbeing. 

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