OHRA Therapeutic Approach for Women Mothers, Expectant Mothers, & Postpartum Mothers with SUD

OHRA Occupational therapists for  women, expectant mothers, women mothers, and postpartum mothers help patients participate in meaningful daily activities and practice habits they may need for work and recreation. Our team of occupational therapists works with adults  women with SUD recovering from substance abuse disorder, and those managing chronic substance abuse disorder, to help them care for themselves and be independent.

Occupational Therapy: the OHRA Approach

  • We start with an evaluation that focuses on discussing your personal health goals. This helps us set benchmarks to measure your progress.

  • Next, we develop a customized rehabilitation plan to help you achieve your goals.

  • As you move forward with occupational therapy, we set intervals to measure success and make adjustments to the treatment plan as needed.

  • Our work with SUD is focused on helping them fully participate in social situations and prepare them become economic self-sufficient..

  • For SUD experiencing cognitive changes, we provide support so they can safely perform activities of daily living and participate in programs deemed to change their life for better.

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