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The addiction treatment process begins when you reach out to a rehab facility, hospital or therapist for treatment. You may receive a brief assessment over the phone, but the full intake and assessment process happen in rehab. You may begin with inpatient detox and transition through the types of treatment, or you may begin with outpatient detox. The course you take depends on the severity of your condition.


During admissions, most admissions representatives will talk to you about your addiction, payment methods and the services that their facility offers. If the facility has the appropriate types of services for your condition and you’re capable of paying for treatment, you’ll discuss how quickly you can begin treatment. Some treatment centers may have waiting lists. Others will be able to admit you immediately. Learn more about admissions process


When you arrive at the facility, you’ll undergo a full health assessment. During this stage, health professionals will ask about your history of substance abuse, relevant medical conditions and family life. You’ll also undergo a brief orientation that introduces you to the facility’s rules and policies. Learn more about the entire intake process

Length of Treatment

The length of rehab for substance abuse depends on the severity of your condition, the type of substances you’re addicted to and the presence of any co-occurring mental health disorders. Opioid addiction may require a month of inpatient treatment and years of outpatient medication-assisted treatment. A minor alcohol addiction may require a few months of outpatient treatment. Learn more about how long rehab takes

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